Distant control and monitoring the installation are available thanks to an internet connection made possible through an integrated secured GSM modem.

ECOSTILLTMor AQUASTILLTMcan send to our servers all process data continuously collected from anywhere in the world.

Users can access a specific page on our website using any connected device. All data can be visualised and exploited in tables or charts automatically created according to the chosen time references.

The user page gives access to various distant monitoring features, including the option to configure the contact information for up to 10 people to be alerted via text message or by mail in case of an emergency message sent by the installation.

Initially developed for TMW products, this technology is available for the benefit of large manufacturers in their production process.


GSM Network


Data exploitation


Real time warning message by text message


Real time warning message by email


Online monitoring and distant control via TMW website.