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Majority shareholder since 2013, the EREN Group supports TMW in its international development strategy by providing a strong financial capacity, expertise in the field of natural resources protection and synergies with other innovative companies in the sphere of water and energy.
Through this association with a major industrial group, TMW offers a fully integrated service based on a rental model, from the provision of the equipment to its monitoring and maintenance to customers worldwide .

About EREN: founded in 2012, EREN is the first group dedicated to natural resources protection. Through its various financial stakes and affiliates, the EREN Group offers to its customers and partners some reliable, innovative and competitive solutions. EREN is engage in an “operator model” which consists in managing and founding its technologies to offer their access to customers as a service. EREN participates in the development of innovative technologies in three business areas: energy savings, wastewater treatment and infrastructures by improving their security and extending their lifetime. Moreover, the EREN Group develops and operates power plants for electricity production from renewable resources.