TMW has developed a range of plastic heat exchangers able to address any energy recovery need in aggressive and corrosive areas. The plate assembly design makes it easy to size the exchanger according to each client’s application.

The innovative and smart design of a single plate adaptable in use makes the range suitable for both liquid-liquid as well as gas-liquid transfers.

With a verified capability in corrosive atmospheres found in plating, tannery and printing industries, this range will allow you to enhance your energy efficiency.

TMW’s know-how was recognised in the thermal field through different research programs such as:

The AMI N°1 (call for expression of interest in French) issued by the ADEME (French public agency for the environment and energy consumption control) and TOTAL in 2009 was already qualifying TMW on energy efficient desalination projects (link to website).

The GEPPI (for large plastic plates heat exchanger for the industry in French) program then enabled TMW to design and develop a plastic heat exchanger made from welding together compression moulded plates. This plate design as well as all possible material choices allows TMW to offer a full range capable of addressing a wide spectrum of applications.

This program was supported by the ADEME and PS2E (for Paris-Saclay Energy Efficiency) organization, itself being financed by key players on this market: AIR LIQUIDE and TOTAL (link to PS2E website).