Our business model places a fundamental emphasis on integrity, transparency and environmental values.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a technology which treats water for a very low energy cost to contribute to the ever growing needs for pure water throughout the world. TMW also aims to become a partner for NGOs who are involved in water treatment issues.

Our Products

All TMW products are created, designed and assembled in our production centre in France. Each unit undergoes thorough quality control testing on all its components.


Human capital is at the heart of TMW’s vision. Every employee at TMW has access to all commercial information, in-progress projects, scheduling and risks.


Our aim is to drive forward a new paradigm in which an infinite amount of clean water can be produced for an extremely low energy cost. We believe that with the right technology, water, which is a finite resource, can be reused ad infinitum.

Our technology increases production of clean water while concentrating waste to improve environmental protection. We work continuously to improve the carbon footprint of the design and production of our entire range of products.